уторак, 22. фебруар 2011.

30 Day Pizza Diet

   Maybe some of you heard about a guy named Matt McClellan.What did he do?!What are his achievements to write about him here in this blog.I am going to tell you.That guy invented the famous 30 Day Pizza Diet.OK,I know that the title of the diet is little strange.Pizza is often connected with over-weighting not losing weight.I was curious to see what's about,so I start browsing the web to find any valuable informations about this enormous discovery.So this is what I found out so far.

Matt wanted to prove that eating pizza could be a good way to lose weight.It could be even healthy.He talked to a nutritionist and also with his doctor.He wanted to document whole process of losing weight.
This guy ate only pizza for 30 days-this is the reason why he gave such name to his diet.He was eating 2500 calories each day from the pizza.8 slice pizza was consumed over a 12 hour period.Pizza he ate was made from skim milk cheese and other stuff as broccoli,tomatoes,pineapples,mushrooms,onions,peppers,chicken.I know what are you going to ask?!Where is the meat,man?-There is no meat.Pizzas without meat,that is going to eat all of you who wants to try out this way of losing kilos.We should mention that Matt didn't lose his kilos only doing this.He also started to exercise more(60 minutes total) than he was doing earlier.He also didn't change his habits,this includes drinking energy drinks and alcohol.
    What can we say about this method.We could lose weight with every food out there but that food must consist of healthy ingredients or we could be really fat and we don't want that  happen to us.

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